20 Questions with Brittany Mota-Wiley | Bethany Mota

At Atom&Matter, we want to inspire and motivate each other to become the best version of ourselves. We are highlighting women who are "ATOMIC"; women who are defining their workspace and the world, empowering those around them and staying true to their own selves.

For the first conversation, Founder Bethany Mota has a heart-to-heart with her gal, moon, and sister, Brittany, to talk about life, dreams, and being a woman/mother/influencer.

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20 Questions with Brittany Mota-Wiley TRANSCRIPT <br> <br>

BETHANY: Hi everybody and welcome to the first episode in a very exciting series for Atom&Matter. So we wanted to start doing sort of an interview type of series that really gives us the chance to have a one-on-one chat with different people in my life that inspire me, so I'm very excited to kick this series off because we've been wanting to do this for a very long time so this just gives us all the opportunity to, you know, meet some new people, get to know some new people, learn from each other, and just have like a very honest chat kind of like were just video chatting or on FaceTime or something so I'm very excited for our first guest I wanted to make sure that it's somebody that is very prominent in my life, that I look up to a lot, and I'm very close to, so I thought what better person than my very own sister. So if you're not familiar with my sister Brittany, she's been in some of my YouTube videos, she also has her own YouTube channel, she's a working woman, she's a mom. We are 5 years apart, she’s 5 years older than me and yeah she's my older sister. Our relationship like a lot of sisters has had its moments but we are super close now and she's honestly one of my best friends, so I really wanted to have her be a part of the series especially for the first episode so we can get to know her, I mean I already know her, but we can just have a chat with her so, without further ado, let’s welcome my sister Brittany! <br>
BRITTANY: Hi!  <br>
BETHANY: Woo! Look at that knit sweater!  <br>
BRITTANY:You know.  <br>
BETHANY: Welcome to the interview this just feels like we're on FaceTime but except we have makeup on.  <br>
BRITTANY: I know for once.  <br>
BETHANY: Literally we just FaceTimed this morning, was just like this but we didn't look like this. <br>
BRITTANY: No.  <br>
BETHANY: Okay so I'm going to get into it, we have 20 questions and we're going to jump in. So the first one is easy, how would you describe your style? <br>
BRITTANY: My style right now I'm trying to look presentable, but for the most part if I'm not at work, I am very comfortable and casual. Big sweatshirt, leggings, but I try to somewhat stay with what I see in like Instagram and TikTok. I try to stay with the times.  <br>
BETHANY: I feel like you've been good about that though like...I feel like you are a little more daring at least like growing up I feel like you were more daring and I was a little more simple.  <br>
BRITTANY: Thank you...Blue Lipstick.  <br>
BETHANY: Yeah, see I never got into that, never got into that. Oh okay this one I'm interested to hear your answer now are you an introvert or an extrovert? <br>
BRITTANY: Now I'm an introvert. I never was, I always was very much of wanting to be like in the middle of everything and now I'm like can I cancel my plans, can I stay at home?  <br>
BETHANY: I knew it! That's why I wanted to know your answer cause I know that like knowing you, you've always been very extroverted, and I feel over time you balanced, you balanced out.  <br>
BRITTANY: I try, I mean I still love to have my friends and have people around but a lot of times I’m like it’s too much I need, I need a break from crowds and people so I've actually been loving quarantine. <br>
BETHANY: Yeah, quarantine, that part of quarantine has been really fun for me as well. What piece of jewelry has meant the most to you like out of all the pieces that you got in your life, is there one that is the most important? <br>
BRITTANY: Definitely my wedding ring, I feel like that's one piece of jewelry that I wear everyday I haven't done my nails though.  <br>
BETHANY: ooo let’s see that sparkle! That shine! Ooo!  <br>
BRITTANY: That’s my favorite.  I'm also if I have to put on another piece of jewelry I like my hoops,I’m always about them, I've been about them since I was in high school so that's another thing for me.  <br>
BETHANY: we love the hoops. Do you remember when we got those charm, those charm bracelets, the ones that have the little pictures? <br>
BRITTANY: Yeah, the Italian charm bracelets, that were little chain link. <br>
BETHANY: Yes! They pinched my skin so bad!  <br>
BRITTANY: But we had to have them, because everyone wore them, so I was like I’ll go through the pain.  <br>
BETHANY: Wow, I’m glad that was actually - I don’t know why, I thought I just dreamt that, that was really a thing we had.  <br>
BRITTANY: It was really a thing. Mom would surprise us with new charms.  <br>
BETHANY: She did, every Christmas… Diving into the childhood questions, what did you want to be when you were growing up ? I feel like I don’t know this.
BRITTANY: Well we just watched that video from when we were - when I was a child and I saw some contest and I was like oh, I wanna go to Hollywood. I wanted to be Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, I wanted to be them, that's what I wanted  <br>
BETHANY: She wanted to be a starlett.  <br>
BRITTANY: I did, and then after that, I think I wanted to be a nurse, and it just never happened for me.  <br>
BETHANY: Wow!  Yeah, we really - well you idolized I feel like Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen a little more, because they were your age demo. Who was your inspiration growing up? I guess for anything whether it be like your dreams for career, or like style or music or any of that.  <br>
BRITTANY:  Okay so first like when I was younger, it was them [Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen], but then as I got older, Hilary Duff was everything. The times! That was the one! <br>
BETHANY: I loved her albums...  <br>
BRITTANY: Yes!  <br>
BETHANY: The shows..  <br>
BRITTANY: The outfits? The dresses with the pants together?  <br>
BETHANY: That was a look!  <br>
BRITTANY: That was a thing…  <br>
BETHANY: Like legit like jeans underneath a dress.  <br>
BRITTANY: Mhm.. that was a thing. Who else was there... I think I was starting to get older when it was like High School Musical. Ashley Tisdale, Vanessa Hudgens. Also, Princess Diaries, loved.  <br>
BETHANY: oh my gosh… yeah… that definitely shaped our childhood.  <br>
Brittany: To be a princess one day...you know what you’re actually the princess of this country you don’t know about.  <br>
BETHANY: That was a slightly unrealistic expectation. That we had.  <br>
BRITTANY: Gonna live in a fire station…  <br>
BETHANY: I know! I hecka wanted to live in there! I looked it up on google maps...
How did growing up in your hometown and household mold you into who you are today?  <br>
BRITTANY: It made me really sheltered and so I think when I went - when I left my this town like when I left the town that I grew up in I really got to see more of everything and I think that changed me. I do like that I grew up in a small town though. I think that I was able to have experiences that I wouldn't have had anywhere else and I feel like it was safer? I feel like definitely had a different childhood growing up where if I talk to people from other places they can't relate. <br>
BETHANY: yeah, I know that. Yeah, I feel that sheltered thing. But that’s where I think it's been cool to like, overcome that, learn about things, even though it's probably a little later than other people would learn about them.  <br>
BRITTANY: It also helped me like be the kind of parent that I want to be, and do the things that I wanted to do cuz they weren't things that weren't normal for people around me.   <br>
BETHANY: That's true, that's a good point. What's one thing you would tell your thirteen-year-old self if you could?   <br>
BRITTANY: Ooo..  <br>
BETHANY: [laughs] She said, there’s so much! <br>
BRITTANY: I know, I have a letter! I’m like, style, girl, I wore a Lord of the Rings necklace, and I thought that I was like… legendary. I was like, you know, girl, I made things harder for myself. I really did, but I think I also just spend too much time worrying about what everyone thought of me, and you think back on it now, and like if you think back on it now and it's like you don't even talk to half of those people, even more than half. So I’m like, I could have been so much happier and done so much more and not had to worry and be a stressed out little thirteen-year-old with my Lord of the Rings necklace like I could have avoided that.  <br>
BETHANY: But you loved the Lord of the Rings necklace so that was cool.  <br>
BRITTANY: I did, you know that was me. But, I don’t know, maybe I thought I was doing something that I wasn’t there…  <br>
BETHANY: At the time, I thought your style was great. I remember I wanted everything that you had. I would go into your room and take your stuff. I said, she had all this makeup, she had hecka lip balms, and lip glosses…  <br>
BRITTANY: I remember seeing them smashed down…  <br>
BETHANY: Oh yeah, that was me.. My bad. Moving into your job and your career and everything, what is one thing, if you had to pick one thing about your job that excites you the most, and also you can elaborate on what you do and all of that.  <br>
BRITTANY: I'm currently a substitute teacher, I've been working in the education field for like 3 years now, and I'm working towards becoming a teacher. So that's why I love being a substitute teacher right now, because I'm getting that experience but I really I think I just enjoy working with kids which is something I never thought was going to be for me I really didn't..  <br>
BETHANY: We’re all, all of us in the family are like way to go!  <br>
BRITTANY: Everyone, everyone in my life was like.. What? I don’t know, something, I never thought it was going to be for me, and then I started working as a paraprofessional and I got in the classroom and I think just working with so many kids, especially the ones that they need that extra help, and they need like that extra attention, and I - I like love it. Like I seriously when I see like a kid that comes in the classroom and they're having a hard time and then I talk to them for a little bit or even distance learning now, that's what we're having to do and just talking to them through the computer and they want to stay after class to sit and talk with me, and it just like makes me want to cry everyday but I love it, it's really something that makes me happy and so I like that I can do something that I love, and that's my job.  <br>
BETHANY: Yeah, cause even growing up, I think everyone thought that like I would have kids before you, because you were never like fully about the children. So it’s cool to see that.  <br>
BRITTANY: oh kids in the room? Bye! See ya!  <br>
BETHANY: But you're so good with them and like even when you've told me about it, and like tell me about the kids in your classes and stuff, like you're really good with them and it makes sense cause you're a good mom so it's just like so crazy to see it cause we would have never thought but here you are. What keeps you motivated to achieve your goals? <br>
BRITTANY: My main thing that keeps me motivated is obviously my kids. I feel like they are definitely something that, they are the people that when I think of anything I think of them, I think also I just want to see myself do better and do more than what I thought I would and so I enjoy pushing forward and seemed like okay I made it here and let's see if I can go here let's keep going and pushing and I think it's just more… Once I started focusing more about myself and my family, my kids, instead of everyone else around me I think that's really what motivated me more verses when I would think like oh, I see that person's doing that, I need to do this…  <br>
BETHANY: The comparison will never be a good motivator because it just ends up making you feel really bad.  <br>
BRITTANY:  Now seeing it as something for myself, bettering myself, personal growth, and my kids. I think it really makes me more excited about everything I do and whenever I like accomplish something I’m like oh wow, let’s keep going.  <br>
BETHANY: Yeah I love that perspective... Out of everything that you've done, is there one thing that like you're the most proud of? <br>
BRITTANY: My kids are definitely something that, they are what I'm most proud of, but also I will say, I was really proud of my bachelor's degree. I was really proud of graduating college cause that's something that I really wanted to work toward, that being in our family like first generation, like college graduate, that was something that's really important to me, so I was really proud of myself even though like I took so many years of school, I went back, I pushed through, with two kids and got it done.  <br>
BETHANY: That's a huge accomplishment, that's really great. How do you balance work with being a mom, cause obviously how old are they I always forget their ages.. Camille is three. <br>
BRITTANY: And Marin is eight.  It’s a struggle! You know, I wouldn't say I balance it…  <br>
BETHANY: Like with this past year, and the whole pandemic, it’s like, obviously they’ve been spending way more time at home, than they would have been.  <br>
BRITTANY: yeah, so, and they don't get to get out as much, like I mean, they used to go to the park every day, and so now they don't do that. Like everything, it’s hard... And then I'm working, Sam, my husband is working... I'm still going to school for my credentials, so I'm like doing that every single day, and with everything else, it's a lot. But I feel like planners have been my best friend. I've been keeping a planner since high school, I love my planners, they’re like my diaries, and they help me cause if I see it written down, I can see my whole day planned out based on hours. And then I always try to make sure that I make time for my kids, even though I'm busy, like I know I'm busy I know I have a lot going on, but I don't ever want them to feel like I'm ignoring them. And so I’ll make sure that I make time throughout the day to talk to them,  spend time with them, let them know that they're very much a part of my life every single day and that nothing is more important than them.  <br>
BETHANY: Yeah, that’s really important I feel like, especially because you’re all in the same household all the time now. If you do have to work on something, they can probably easily feel like, oh I’m not important because she’s in the house but she’s not acknowledging me.  <br>
BRITTANY: yeah, she’s on the computer, what are you doing. It’s hard, they see that, they see me doing my homework or they see me coming home for lunch and then going back to work, and they’re like… so…  <br>
BETHANY: Yeah… Staying on the topic and family what is the best part about being the older sibling? <br>
BRITTANY: I think that is that I got to watch the family grow more. I think like I got to have the baby sister, I got to be the one that like, was just getting to experience everything and share that...I... I mean I didn't do any of the things that I feel like most older siblings do. What was it, more roles?  <br>
BETHANY:  Yeah I feel like you just had to put up with me being like an annoying younger sibling, for the most part.  <br>
BRITTANY: I got to watch you grow, I got to reach out and be like hey did this before don't try it.  <br>
BETHANY: Yeah.. Do you have any advice for sisters? <br>
BRITTANY: Don't get in big fights, they're not worth it. Remember that your sister - I remember hearing this as a kid and getting so annoyed, where they’re like be nice to your sister, she’s going to be your best friend one day. And I’m like, no she’s not. And now I’m like, she’s my only friend.  <br>
BETHANY: I know!  <br>
BRITTANY: Your parents are not lying to you about that.  <br>
BETHANY: That is so true I feel like that goes for honestly like all family members cause I feel like you grow up and then you reach a certain point where you’re like woah - like my family members are people. Like I feel like you just view them as like she’s my sister, and they’re just my parents. But then, when you grow up you’re like they’re actually humans.  <br>
BRITTANY: Yeah, I just remembered hearing that so much, don’t fight with your sister she’s going to be your best friend one day and I’m like… okay mom. But we FaceTime everyday…  <br>
BETHANY: It is crazy to think that there was a time that, we didn't do that. Like I think around the time when you were in college, and I was still living at home with Mom and Dad, like we would never - like I don’t even know if I had your number - like I feel like we never talked, ever, and it's so weird like, we would literally - we probably went like maybe even a year without talking unintentionally…  <br>
BRITTANY: It’s crazy, just like, hm life.  <br>
BETHANY: Yeah and now it's like, we talk all the time. It's pretty crazy how that works so yeah, that's a really good advice. I mean it’s inevitable that you will have fights with your siblings, but like just, it's nice to know that that sibling will probably end up being your best friend in the long run.  <br>
BRITTANY: Yeah, they might be annoying, you might think your big sister/little sister/sibling is annoying, but at the end of the day, that’s gonna be one of the people you’re closest to.  <br>
BETHANY: Yeah, and look we test each other, you know, growing up, we really did test each other.  <br>
BRITTANY: Yeah [laughs]  <br>
BETHANY: And here we are. Do you have a favorite family memory? It could be like with your family or like in our family.   <br>
BRITTANY: I feel like I just liked how we used to leave town a lot. Like, I liked all the time we’d  go to Monterey but then we got sick of it. But I like that that was something that we traveled a lot like we would just get in the car and go somewhere. <br>
BETHANY: Yeah, I did like that about our childhood too, I feel like, because we lived in such a small town, it was nice to get out and go to a different town that wasn’t that far away. And I feel like it also kind of warmed us up for - because we’ve both done traveling, both traveled out of California and stuff, and I feel like it’s helped us kind of like get used to that concept, because you know, not everybody has the privilege to travel and to see other parts of even you know the state or country, so I feel like that was really helpful in like expanding our perspectives a little bit. <br>
BRITTANY: That's a big one and I think even with my kids now, that's something that I always enjoy, when we get to go somewhere and just as a family, like leave town, get out of town, like go experience something else whether it's just like the beach, or like a nice restaurant, like all the clam chowder we would get. Just everything, those were the memories.  <br>
BETHANY: How do you maintain your personal confidence? Like do you have any ways that you have managed it to maintain it?  <br>
BRITTANY:  My confidence, I think that goes back to me where it's more about me focusing on myself. I think that once I like stopped looking at other people and comparing myself, that's really helps me think about like look at how far I've come like looking at me from a couple years back and then looking at me now, and I think that's really what gives me that confidence is like that I continue to try and better myself, whether it's my health, or my school, or my work,  or me as a mom, like I'm always just trying to improve and I think that's where I found my confidence is by just continuing to push forward.  <br>
BETHANY: Yeah, I love that. I do feel like your confidence, even in the past few years has like really flourished and grown a lot. I mean you’ve always been confident, and I feel like growing up you’ve always been a very confident person naturally, you know, you just, you do what you do. I was the one that really struggled with the self-confidence growing up, and you were just like I’m gonna say what I’m gonna say, and you’re gonna like it. Just like watching you in the past few years, I feel like you’ve developed another level of self-confidence, which is really cool to see that.  <br>
BRITTANY: When you say that to me, honestly, I don’t think that I was that confident back then, I think that I just, I think that’s why it's a different kind of confidence, because I think back then, I was just trying, that was my front like to make it like, I got this, like I'm good like, but deep down it wasn’t, and I think now that I actually am, that's why it looks different.  <br>
BETHANY: That makes sense, yeah. it does feel like, like watching you now, it does feel more natural, like more Unapologetic than in the past. How do you handle insecurities and self doubt? It’s kind of a similar question, but like I guess it could speak to also like in your career or goals or like things that you want to achieve, or whatever it may be, like how do you handle the self doubt that can sometimes come with that?  <br>
BRITTANY: That's when I think my kids come in more, is that I look at them and I’m like do I really want them to see me not feeling good about myself, or feeling like I can't do something. Cause I never want them to feel that way, that's something I always want to make sure that they understand they can do anything that they want to do if they just put the work into it, and so that's - I try to tell myself like you can't tell them something and then live a different way cause then they’re going to look at you and be like mom’s a liar. Like, she’s not, obviously look at her she’s having a hard time. And so I think that that's where I try and think, what do I want my kids to see? Like I understand that at the end of the day everyone’s going to have their feelings, like everyone's going to have their moments where they don't feel great, but you just have to remember not to let that overcome all of the good in your life, and all of the good things you’ve done.  <br>
BETHANY: Aw, I love that. What's the best advice you learn from a friend or a family member. Or it could be like a way that maybe not direct advice that someone is giving you, anybody around you that has inspired you even if it was indirectly? <br>
BRITTANY: You! Definitely have inspired me, you inspire me a lot. I'm so proud of you, and everything that you do, it blows my mind and every time someone talks to me about you, I’m like, yeah… That’s my sister like, she does everything. Yeah, I think that's something is that you literally like, started just something so small, and you’ve continued to grow into this amazing person, doing all these big things, and so I'm definitely proud of you and you inspire me.  <br>
BETHANY: Oh my god!  <br>
BRITTANY: You used to look at my closet and now I’m looking at yours!  <br>
BETHANY: [laughs] The tables have turned!  <br>
BRITTANY: I’m like, wow, fashion!  <br>
BETHANY: No, I feel like we learn from each other.  <br>
BRITTANY: Once I think my style really evolved, and grew into something better, I was taking like, I was taking a lot of tips from you, I was lookin’ at your Instagram. <br>
BETHANY: I feel like you helped me in the, like way back, when I was first starting YouTube, and I was wearing like all - not that there’s anything wrong with it, but like I was wearing a lot of Forever 21 like anything that was on the mannequins, a lot of floral.. You’d be like girl…  <br>
BRITTANY: All the skater skirts! [laughs]  <br>
BETHANY: Sometimes they were cute, but I feel like you, like helped guide me when I went a little too like mm, maybe not. And see, so we just like help each other. If you could have any superpower, what would it be?  <br>
BRITTANY: I… oh see I don’t know, at first I was like I want to read minds, but then I’m like mm do I wanna know what people think all the time, probably not.  <br>
BETHANY: No, I’m good.  <br>
BRITTANY: Yeah I was like, mmm… uhh… Better not. You know what invisibility is great sometimes I think that people don't like it cause they’re like I don't want to be invisible, but sometimes I’m like you know what, that would be nice, to be invisible and go through Target…  <br>
BETHANY: huh! That would be so fun! <br>
BRITTANY: Nobody notices me, nobody’s like, Hey! I don’t have to worry about seeing any moms from school I don’t have to worry about anything.  <br>
BETHANY: I love that. Mine’s always being able to turn any scenario into a musical number.  <br>
BRITTANY: Is that a magic power? Maybe I want it.  <br>
BETHANY: I think so, like if I just, like if I could have like the ability to be like, if I’m in public, and then just boom! And then everybody just synchronized, like, knows the choreography, has the vocals, yeah. What are you most looking forward to in the future?  <br>
BRITTANY: I'm excited to become a teacher, like a full-on credential teacher, have my classroom that I can start decorating. <br>
BETHANY: Yes…  <br>
BRITTANY: I’m ready for that, I’m living for it. I am excited to watch my kids grow, I’m excited for Camille to start school.  <br>
BETHANY: Yes!  <br>
BRITTANY: I’m just excited for all the things, like I’m excited to grow. <br>
BETHANY:  I love that, you have a lot of grown going on already and it's really cool, and yeah even watching the girls grow up has been, it's kind of crazy like I feel like Marin was just a little baby yesterday, and now she’s over here learning TikTok dances, like…  <br>
BRITTANY: I can’t!  <br>
BETHANY: It’s a lot haha. Oh our last question… What is your favorite thing about yourself?  <br>
BRITTANY: I think my favorite thing about myself is just how much I've changed in a good way, like in a positive way. I like looking back at like who I was a few years ago, and then now, and just seeing just how much - I keep saying grow - how much I've grown. I feel like I just, I really like who I am now in all aspects, I think that it's just really what I like about myself. I feel like I'm constantly changing, but not where I'm like a completely different person in a bad way but in a more “me” way.  <br>
BETHANY: And that shows, it truly shows so much, like literally this past year I've been like wow, she's growing she's doing a lot of herself, she is motivated, and I'm really happy for you, and I’m happy that we're at this point look at us, besties now. No more fighting…  <br>
BRITTANY: No more smashing lip glosses..  <br>
BETHANY: Nope, no more of that, we’ve grown.  <br>
BRITTANY: Throwing strawberries..  <br>
BETHANY: What? <br>
BRITTANY: I said throwing strawberries, or watermelon…  <br>
BETHANY: OH! That’s a story for another time.. [laughs] Alright, well that is all of our questions! Thanks for joining us for the first Atom&Matter interview, part of our interview series. This was really fun, it really just felt like we were just chattin… I mean we were.. Well thank you everybody for tuning in and being a part of it with us, and look forward to more interviews in the future! Alright, that is it, talk to you later - I’ll talk to you later on FaceTime. [laughs]  <br>
BRITTANY: Literally..  <br>
BETHANY: Bye!  <br>