The Meaning Behind The Half Moon Necklace

When buying a piece of jewelry, it's important to invest in something that is not only made from high-quality materials, but that is long-lasting in terms of style. A good necklace or ring should be timeless and feature a design that you'll love to wear time and time again.

It's nice to have variety in your jewelry box, and have a few pieces that are eye-catching and different from standard jewelry items. Celestial-inspired pieces have been a popular choice among women for centuries, but are currently experiencing a resurgence in popularity.

Since the dawn of time, the stars have always inspired, and often at times, influenced the actions and behaviors of humans. So, it makes sense that jewelry makers have been creating timeless pieces that reflect our fascination with the universe and all of its incredible features, for centuries.





The moon is a particularly popular symbol in women's jewelry. This illuminating star represents a lot of things but is commonly linked to femininity and fertility. A full moon can also symbolize rebirth, and resurgence, themes that are commonly associated with females.

Necklaces with lunar features are a great way to incorporate this strong and striking symbol into your everyday wardrobe. If you're searching for a gold or silver necklace for yourself, or as a gift for someone special in your life, why not consider a moon necklace? There is an abundance of options out there, with brands offering up many different designs to consumers.

To learn more about the meaning behind these beautiful neckpieces, we've devised an informative guide. Once you understand the symbolism of these pieces, you'll be able to find the perfect gift for you or a loved one.

What Is A Moon Necklace?

A moon necklace is a neckpiece with a lunar motif or embellishment, most commonly in the form of a pendant. In Greek times, moon pendants were used as a talisman and were believed to bring good luck to women in terms of fertility and fortune. In Chinese culture, the feminine moon represents yin to the masculine sun's yang, a further example of how the moon has always been linked to females throughout history.

Many women today believe in the power of the moon, with ancient philosophy and teachings finding their way into the forefront of today's society. Even in the United States, astrology and its connection to the planets and stars is becoming a hot topic of conversation amongst female friends. Full moons are thought to influence many things from our moods to our creativity.

As well as the above, the moon symbolizes wisdom and intuition. When women wear necklaces with moon embellishments, they should feel inspired and full of confidence. Whether in gold or silver, lunar-themed jewelry is still relevant and popular. More and more women are choosing to purchase a lunar inspired piece for their jewelry collection.

What Does A Crescent Moon Symbolize?

It's well known that the moon has different stages, but not many people know the full meaning behind each of these phases. A lot of jewelry features crescent moon embellishments, and it's a common pendant feature. But what does a crescent moon necklace mean?

A crescent moon represents the first stage of the lunar cycle. The half moon is the point at which the moon is going into a full moon. The lit-up surface of the moon increases as it goes through each stage, so as it passes through the lunar waxing phase, this period is thought to symbolize an increase in knowledge and learning.

As well as the above, the crescent shape symbolizes new energy. This can be interpreted in many ways, but it acts as a strong reminder and as inspiration for women to grow as much as possible. Since moons are linked to femininity, the crescent moon can be said to represent females as they develop self-confidence and strength.

Due to the fact that the crescent moon represents such strength and change, it's a popular design in jewelry. Pendant necklaces are extremely popular, and you can find many subtle pieces or more loud and eye-catching lunar necklaces. However, regardless of the design, when wearing a lunar inspired neckpiece, you'll know that it signifies something powerful and meaningful.

Is Gold Or Silver Better For A Moon Necklace?

Gold jewelry and sterling silver are both great choices for lunar themed jewelry. Many people opt for silver pieces when it comes to celestial-themed jewelry since silver tones reflect the color of the moon better than gold.

However, gold can also look great in celestial-inspired jewelry, and is often used for star features. Rose gold is also a popular choice, since it's considered quite feminine, and therefore complements the feminine symbolism of lunar jewelry.

The mixture of gold and silver together can create beautiful looking pieces too. The new Galaxy Collection from ATOM&MATTER features a half moon neckpiece in gold. However, it has diamond star embellishments, that add sparkle and shine to the jewelry. This necklace will make a great focal piece on an outfit too since the diamond features will catch the light and draw attention to the crescent-shaped pendant.

Gold or silver are both great choices for lunar pieces. The best material for a crescent necklace depends on your personal style and your taste in jewelry. Some people are naturally more drawn to gold pieces, whereas others are fans of a sharp silver look. Whatever it is, you're sure to find something you like in the metal material of your choice.

How To Wear Moon Jewelry

If you like celestial-inspired pieces, then you can find an abundance for sale. Although there are many other ways to include the moon motif in your jewelry, through the use of rings, earrings, or bracelets, a necklace is a more traditional way to do so. Necklaces with talisman style pendants were thought to offer protection in the past, and this tradition has filtered through to today's pendant style necklaces.

A moon necklace usually looks great when worn by itself. A simple crescent-shaped pendant can be a simple touch to a casual daytime or evening outfit. If you're wearing a simple black dress, a silver or gold half moon necklace will add glamour and sparkle, and make the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Size is everything, so if you want to create a bolder look, then go for something big and over-the-top. If subtlety is more your thing, then you may want to buy a necklace in a smaller size.

If you're a big fan of layering your clothes, then why not layer your necklaces too? A half moon pendant necklace can look great when worn beneath a choker style neckpiece, or a shorter chain necklace. You can order several necklaces in any format you want, but most people do so by length. Layering helps create edgier looking outfits, while still adding a touch of femininity to your clothes.

If you like simple pieces in either gold or sterling silver, then you can accessorize the rest of your outfit with gemstone or diamond-embellished jewelry. A simple rose gold or silver crescent moon necklace can look fantastic when paired with an assortment of rings that feature gemstones. Alternatively, you can opt for celestial-themed earrings, to complement your lunar necklace.

Some people prefer to use lunar necklaces as the focal point of their outfits. If you like to wear statement necklaces, then it's worth buying a gorgeous neckpiece and then pairing it with simple gold and silver jewelry, that doesn't draw away attention from the necklace itself.

ATOM&MATTER Moon Necklaces

There are many ways to wear a beautiful half moon necklace. At ATOM&MATTER, our Galaxy collection features many celestial pieces, all of which would certainly complement a detailed, lunar-inspired neckpiece.

As well as selling our crescent moon necklace, we have other moon-inspired necklaces, rings, earrings, and bracelets. All of our pieces are made from sustainable metals, and we only use the highest quality gold and silver materials to ensure they are long-lasting. Check out our online shop to browse the available items from our Galaxy Collection and to see new pieces that we've just added.

Our brand is all about inspiring confidence and strength within women, and we've designed our celestial collection with this in mind. Whether you're buying a piece for yourself or a special female in your life, we hope you find something that you love.