Love Necklace

Saying "I love you" to someone can be a daunting task. As human beings, we experience a rollercoaster of emotions when we fall in love with someone, and it can affect how we think, feel, and behave. So, when we finally decide to express how we feel to a special someone, it can be extremely challenging figuring out how to say it.

If you're not good with words, then a fantastic way to show someone how much you care is by gifting them a beautiful love necklace. Love necklaces can take on many different meanings, and there is a specific style for every situation.

Love neckpieces aren't just for those who are falling in love. They make great presents at any point in a relationship. Perhaps you've been with your partner for a long time, and you simply want to present them with a gift that reflects your unchanged feelings for them. These necklaces are also a great way for family members and friends to demonstrate their unconditional love, with sisters or friends gifting one another neckpieces.





The world needs a little more love right now, and we need to ensure that we tell those we deeply care about exactly how we feel. However, there are so many jewelry pieces out there, that it can be hard to decide which are the best ones to purchase in order to properly represent your feelings.

At ATOM&MATTER, we are passionate about all things jewelry. All of our pieces are finely crafted and designed with a lot of thought in mind. We know how hard it can be to choose a love necklace so we've created a style guide in order to assist you.

What Is A Love Necklace And What Does It Represent?

Necklaces of love symbolize exactly that: love. Most people usually buy these types of necklaces when they want to display amorous feelings towards their significant others. However, a love necklace can represent other feelings too.

Mothers and daughters often give one another these types of neckpieces, as do sisters. It's common for friends to give their closest confidantes these neckpieces too, as a sign of their appreciation of their friendship.

A love necklace can represent admiration, appreciation, and platonic love as well as romantic feelings. For this reason, there are thousands of styles, with some being embellished with expensive gemstones and pearls, and others being simple sterling silver pieces.

Nowadays, many people are gifting one another love neckpieces in lieu of engagement rings. A lot of women don't want to wear hand jewelry, and so a love necklace is a good alternative that still looks beautiful and holds a lot of meaning.

It's important to remember that you don't need to wait for someone to give you a love necklace as a gift in order to have one. Many women are buying themselves beautiful neckpieces that reflect their own self-love and admiration. If you want to treat yourself with something that represents your courage, strength, and beauty, then doing so with a love neckpiece is a great way.

The History Of The Love Necklace

Gifting your lover with a beautiful necklace is not a new trend, and has been around for centuries. However, nowadays, it is common for family members and friends to also gift one another with expensive jewelry pieces.

One of the earliest symbols in jewelry, known to represent love, is the "lover's knot". This recognizable motif, which is still seen in jewelry today, was common in societies such as Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. It was added to paintings and sculptures and it was common for men to give women jewelry pieces with this symbol on, to represent their everlasting feelings.

In Celtic societies, the prevalence of this symbol persisted, and it was common for brides to have a love knot stitched into their protective girdles before they got married. This is where the phrase "tie the knot" comes from, and why today we still use it in order to describe marriage.

In the Middle Ages, engravings on jewelry became the norm. Men showed their love for women by having beautiful and famous lines of poetry engraved on the outside of rings. This was definitely the era in which words were the most prominent way of displaying love.

As time moved on and societies became richer, it was common for aristocratic women to receive lots of jewelry from admirers and lovers. Jewelry became more over the top and love pieces were often covered in precious jewels and pearls. Kings and Queens saw precious stones as a symbol of adoration and demonstrations of extreme love, and so gifted one another with the most outlandish pieces.

By the mid 20th century, the love necklace was available for almost everyone to buy, and people were fond of big pendant pieces. Lockets were a common style that women loved to wear, and big gemstone or diamond focused neckpieces were popular.

Fashion has gone through many changes in the past few decades, as have accessories. A love necklace is still a commonly bought item but comes in many different styles and designs now. From subtle and minimalist pieces to the over the top and uniquely designed, there are now so many ways to tell someone "I love you" with a necklace.

What Does A Love Necklace Look Like?

Defining what a love necklace looks like is difficult. Jewelry is like art, and so there is a lot of room for designers to interpret this theme and play around with it. Some people like their jewelry to be classic, and have clear symbols that represent the meaning behind the piece, whereas others like more subtle jewelry.

We've compiled a list of what makes a love necklace exactly that. From the most commonly used symbols all the way to the best metal material, we've covered it all so that you can purchase the best gift for your lover, friend, or yourself.


Love Hearts

When most people think of what love looks like, they imagine a love heart or a little cupid with a bow and arrow. Luckily, the latter option isn't common on necklace designs, but the former is! Love hearts are one of the most popular pendant choices.

Love hearts come in a range of styles, from larger and out-there pendants to smaller and more delicate motifs. It's common for people to buy gemstones in the shape of hearts, particularly in the color red since this represents romance. However, for something a little less ostentatious, a simple love heart pendant in gold or silver can look great.

A lot of people opt for heart outlines, which are not filled in the middle and create a clean and subtle finish. These look great in any size, so are a great option for people who want elegant love heart pieces.


Although words were very popular on jewelry in medieval times, it's common nowadays for people to buy a beautiful necklace with a word hanging off in place of a pendant. Many people purchase a L o v e necklace. In these neckpieces, the letters either dangle off the chain individually or appear as one fully joined pendant.

These necklaces with words are popular because they are modern and stylish. If you've scrolled through Instagram or Facebook, then you'll have likely seen many people wearing a word necklace. These are great ways to show your love for someone, or for yourself since you can create customized pieces easily.

Celestial Symbols

You may not think that astronomical symbols can be associated with love, but you'd be very wrong indeed. It's common to see moon and star jewelry since these motifs are very popular. A moon and star neckpiece can represent your love for someone since it indicates how highly you think of a person.

Many people also like to give moon neckpieces to their other half as it represents the famous saying "I love you to the moon and back." Stars can represent how special and unique someone is to you since there are no two stars in the universe that are the same. For these reasons, celestial symbols can be a lot more romantic than you think!

Love Knot

The love knot is one of the most persevering symbols of love. It has origins in Ancient Egypt and has remained a popular motif up until today. Many brides like to wear a simple necklace with a knot symbol since it represents "tying the knot". It's common for fiances to give their future wives a love necklace with this image on it.


When it comes to necklace styles there is a range of options that look great for love jewelry. If you don't find the style you want then you can create your own personalized piece with the help of a jewelry maker. Alternatively, some companies allow you to customize pieces to select the right chain length or style.

Chain Length

The chain length is very important when it comes to a neckpiece. This can drastically alter the style, and how you wear the necklace. Many people like classic long, 20-24 inch chains that have pendants attached. However, 14 and 18-inch necklaces are more popular.

Shorter chain lengths are very stylish right now and are great if you like to layer lots of chains at the same time. These shorter neckpieces can come with small, subtle pendants hanging off them, or can have little gemstones and pendants dotted along the chain.


Almost every necklace comes with a pendant, in some form or other. Classic necklaces will usually have elegant and noticeable pendants. Lockets are a great idea when it comes to love-themed jewelry gifts since you can put a treasured photo inside that reminds your loved one of you.

However, a lot of people like simple, high-quality chains with no added embellishments. You might wonder how a simple chain necklace can represent love, but if it's made from 14 karat gold, and is well-designed, it will definitely tell your loved one how you feel.

A lot of people like plain chains since they can add rings to these, and create engagement-style neckpieces, which are becoming fashionable and favored by a lot of women over traditional rings.


A fantastic way to personalize a love neckpiece is to get a special engraving. A lot of jewelers offer this service when buying a piece of jewelry, but it's possible to purchase something and add an engraving afterward.

An engraving can be anything you want, from a personal message to the names of you and your loved one. Many people get special dates engraved, such as birthdays and anniversaries. You may even want to get short quotes added to pieces, and many people opt for lines from special songs or poems.


The material is seriously important when it comes to a necklace and can affect its appearance. There is not one typical metal for a love necklace and sterling silver and gold variations are all popular with this necklace style.

Silver is a good choice since it looks classic and gives jewelry pieces a clean and sharp look. It also is a great color against all skin tones, which makes it a fantastic material choice for accessories. Sterling silver is long-lasting and easy to clean, so you can keep your piece in a good condition.

Gold is also a great choice and can add a warm tone to neckpieces. There are varieties of gold, and you can purchase white gold, rose gold, or yellow gold. White gold looks like silver but is stronger and more durable.

Rose gold is a popular choice for women since it has a lovely reddish hue. It's the perfect fit for a love neckpiece since the color is extremely romantic. Plus, it's incredibly fashionable at the moment. As well as this, over time rose gold jewelry can darken and get a rustic and vintage-looking appearance, making it a great piece to have in your jewelry box.

Precious Gemstones

There is a lot of love jewelry that comes with beautiful gemstone features to give it an extra sparkle. Whether you're buying love bracelets or a necklace, you can find many items that come with precious stones.

Many people love the idea of buying a necklace with a birthstone feature since it is more personalized and indicates a lot of thought has gone into buying it. Sapphires, emeralds, and opals are just some examples of popular gemstones that will make a piece stand out.

A diamond feature is always a popular idea when it comes to women's jewelry. A diamond embellishment is not only a clear way to tell someone how you feel about them but will ensure that everyone notices your necklace when you're wearing it. Diamonds are wearable, and look good with both casual and formal outfits, which makes a diamond love necklace a very versatile accessory.

Pearl Embellishments

Another great way to say "I love you" is by buying a love necklace with a pearl embellishment. Pearls are the epitome of class and elegance, and if you gift your love with a pearl necklace, she'll know how highly you think of her.

You can get a complete pearl necklace, or if you don't want to break the bank, a necklace with one or two pearls. There are many jewelry designers who combine love heart motifs with a pearl embellishment. These look beautiful and will make a fantastic present.

Pearls come in different varieties, and depending on the type you buy, the price will differ. There are natural pearls, which are harder to find, or cultured pearls which are grown on special pearl farms.

Freshwater pearls are a lot cheaper than Akoya, which are generally the most commonly used pearls in jewelry. If you want to splash out on your love, then you may want to buy a South Sea pearl necklace. This type of pearl is a lot more expensive, due to its rarity.

Although prices differ for pearl neckpieces based on the type of pearl used, the quality of all pearls is good. You can rest assured that if you buy a love necklace with pearl features for a special person in your life, they'll be delighted with their present.

Love Necklace Gift Sets

Nowadays, there is the option to buy not just a love necklace, but an entire gift set. If you're not great at choosing gifts, then a set is a great way to ensure you get a packaged set that demonstrates your love.

In love jewelry gift sets, you can get a necklace, bracelets, a ring, and earrings. These can either be matching so that your partner can wear a few similar pieces together at one time, or slightly different.

Alternatively, you can create your own set, by combining a necklace with bracelets or earrings of your choice. If you're buying a love neckpiece for a friend, mother, or sister in a platonic way, then you can even get matching sets. This is a great gift idea if you want to demonstrate how much someone means to you.

Set prices can vary, depending on the design, material, and brand. It's important to shop around, especially for love jewelry gift sets. If you don't find something you want, then you may want to commission customized pieces and make them exactly the way you want them to be.

The Most Popular Love Necklaces

We've highlighted the most popular love necklace styles, from love heart pendants to knots. More recently there are other neckpieces that are very popular with customers and can make great gifts and jewelry accessories for people. Here are the top three designs that people are loving right now:

You Are Loved Necklace

A great idea for a friendship gift is the 'you are loved' style necklace. This design can come in many forms, but it's most common for the pendant to have these special words engraved on it somewhere. These neckpieces are a great pick-me-up for people going through a hard time, who need a reminder of how loved they are.

If someone you know suffers from low self-esteem, then this type of necklace is a great present. Jewelry that inspires strength and confidence within women is something we are big advocates of at ATOM&MATTER. All of our jewelry pieces are designed to remind women of their incredible qualities when they are wearing them. A 'you are loved' design is another way to do this.

Alternatively, if you're not good with words and want to make it clear how you feel about someone, then this necklace style is a great way to do that. The receiver will know exactly how you feel and you'll be able to avoid any uncomfortable situations. Plus, it's a very romantic way to show someone how you feel by gifting them a beautiful piece of jewelry.

You can find these necklace styles in many different jewelry stores and in online shops.

Love Is Love Necklace

Nowadays, we all need to show more love to everyone. A great way to show your support for a friend is by buying them a 'love is love' necklace. The meaning behind these neckpieces is clear. Love is love and everyone deserves to experience it. Regardless of creed, race, or sexuality, love is the same emotion.

Love is a common experience that all people go through. If you want to share this message with someone, then you can get a necklace inspired by the 'love is love' message. These are incredibly popular, and you'll have probably seen a few necklaces in this style on social media.

There are many design styles that this necklace comes in. A common one is to get the words engraved on a pendant or locket. However, there are many symbols that represent this saying. The rainbow symbol is the most common since this represents LGBTQ+ people. Many people like to either purchase rainbow shaped pendants or get jewelry that features the colors of the rainbow, in a subtle yet stylish way.

Whatever form your 'love is love' necklace comes in, the meaning behind it will be the same. Everyone is deserving of love and deserves the same rights and treatment when it comes to love.

Do What You Love, Love What You Do Necklace

A recent design that has become extremely popular, is the 'do what you love, love what you do' necklace. Long gone are the days of working to live. Now, it's important that everyone finds their true passion in life. Find out what you love and do it at all costs.

These necklaces usually have the motto inscribed on them or are word neckpieces. However, if you want an inspiring necklace that is going to remind you to chase your dreams every day, then there are many different styles like this.

At ATOM&MATTER, we sell many necklaces, all with the aim to help women feel inspired when they are wearing them. We believe that women can achieve anything that they set their minds to. When a woman is wearing a piece of our jewelry, we want her to be reminded of her strength, determination, and audacity, and go out to chase her dreams.

How Much Does a Love Necklace Cost?

The design is the most important part of a necklace when it comes to selecting it. However, it is important to consider the cost. Love necklace prices can vary greatly, but this depends on many things. Material, such as gold karat can fluctuate the price, as can the inclusion of a diamond or pearl feature.

As well as materials affecting the price, things like length and style can affect the necklace cost too. More popular pieces might cost a lot more due to their demand. However, unique and custom pieces can also be expensive due to their rarity and exclusivity.

The brand of the necklace will also decide the price. Up-market jewelry makers will create items that cost a lot more than a cheaper store. This is usually because they use first-rate materials, but also because you're paying for the name too.

It's worth paying a little bit more for a first-class necklace. A piece of jewelry should be an investment and last a lifetime. Therefore, don't skimp when it comes to choosing the perfect love necklace.

ATOM&MATTER Love Necklace

If you know that you want a love necklace, but you don't know what type, check out our range of items at ATOM&MATTER. All of our pieces are made from the highest quality sustainable materials and come in a range of silver and gold tones.

Our pieces are made for women and make perfect gifts. We want women to feel strong and be able to do anything they set their minds to when wearing our items. If you want to show someone how much you love them, then an ATOM&MATTER necklace is the best way to do it.

We have a range of styles and designs, so there is something perfect for every situation, whether you're buying a necklace for a partner, mother, sister, or friend.

Check out our online shop to see all of our items, including our new pieces. We ship internationally and offer a wide range of delivery options to suit your needs. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us and we want everyone shopping with us to have a pleasant experience and love their purchase.