The Meaning Behind The Moon And Star Necklace

Moon and star symbols have always appeared in jewelry, and are commonly featured on pieces together. As human beings, we have an inherent fascination with the universe that dates back centuries. The Ancient Greeks were the first to associate these celestial objects with Gods and Goddesses, and the powerful symbolism behind the moon and stars still plays a role in today's society.

These two motifs feature heavily in women's jewelry today, and it's common to see the crescent moon and star symbols combined together on different jewelry pieces. Aside from looking great, these two images actually have great meaning, making them more than just beautiful jewelry designs.





What Does A Moon Necklace Symbolize?

The lunar symbol represents femininity and is believed to influence and affect the emotions and thoughts of women all around the world due to the Greek train of thought. The Ancient Greeks believed that the Goddess of the moon was Selene, and linked this celestial star to fertility, so some women still wear moon necklaces today for this reason.

The lunar motif also represents wisdom and change. Since the moon goes through phases every month, there is a belief that each lunar stage reflects changes on Earth and in our lives. For this reason, many people like to wear necklaces with this symbol as it represents personal growth, which provides inspiration for women to work hard and achieve their goals.

For a lot of people, lunar symbolism in jewelry can represent love. The phrase "I love you to the moon and back", indicates intense care and love, and so it's common for men and women to gift one another with lunar necklaces, in order to let another person know how much they care for them.

What Does A Moon And Star Necklace Mean?

Like moons, stars have also always been a fascinating object for mankind. Ancient civilizations would follow stars and use them as guides for almost everything. Nowadays, people study the stars and use astrology as a way to make sense of their lives and of the world.

Stars can often represent good luck and fortune. Many people in the past wore star embellished jewelry in the hope that it would bring them an abundance of money and happiness. Today, we hold stars in the same regard, and it is not uncommon for people to make wishes on shooting stars when they see them.

As well as this, stars represent power and greatness. There's a reason why we refer to mega-celebrities as 'stars' and having 'star power'. This motif is strong and symbolizes the strength of character and popularity amongst people. For this reason, many people enjoy wearing necklaces with stars as they believe it represents their strong personality.

Stars are very popular in jewelry and you can find thousands of items on sale which make use of this motif. Due to its popularity, a piece of jewelry that is embellished with this motif can be popular with people of any age. It's a timeless symbol that has been around for centuries and is certain to endure popularity for years to come.

Therefore, necklaces with moon and star motifs are usually worn by women. The power of these two symbols combined indicates the strength of character and wisdom. As well as this, these motifs can represent change and the good fortune that this can bring. These two astronomical bodies together can be worn in any style and create pieces that are effortlessly elegant.

How To Wear A Moon And Star Necklace

There is no specific way to wear or style a necklace. However, a lunar inspired necklace will often be eye-catching but there are things to can do to make sure that your neckpiece looks its best in an outfit.

Since these two symbols are so striking together, it's a great idea to pair a necklace like this with a simple outfit, like jeans and a tee. Depending on the size of your necklace, you may want to style it by layering other chains and chokers on top. This is a great way to add depth to your outfit and make sure that your necklace catches people's eyes.

Alternatively, you can wear this type of necklace with extremely elegant outfits. Since the moon image is designed to represent female strength, adding a necklace like this to your getup will make you feel more confident, sexy, and strong. If you have a simple neckpiece, then this celestial combination also looks great with wedding dresses. You can wear a beautiful piece, to give you courage and good luck on your special day.

This type of necklace looks great in both silver and gold metal. If you want to personalize a piece, then you can add some gemstones in order to give your necklace a pop of color. If you like to keep your jewelry simple and stick to sterling silver and gold shades, then you can accessorize with colorful rings or bracelets.

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