The Best Mother And Daughter Necklace Combinations

A mother and daughter necklace is a great gift idea for a special occasion. Whether it's a necklace from mother to daughter on her wedding day or a mother-daughter necklace for Mother's Day, there are many ways in which a mom and daughter can get matching elegant necklaces to mark their special relationship.

It's relatively easy to find a mother-daughter necklace set since most jewelry shops sell them. However, if you're not into the idea of getting completely identical mother and daughter necklaces, there is still a way that you can demonstrate your mother-daughter bond. You can buy pieces from the same collection, that have similar symbols and motifs and hold a special meaning.

There are so many ways to show your love and appreciation for your mom or daughter with a necklace. In order to help you choose the best necklace set, we've devised a list of key information to keep in mind so that you can find the best jewelry pieces out there.





Mother Daughter Necklace Set: Who Wears What?

If you've given it some thought and decided a necklace set is a perfect choice for you, then you need to decide on a style and design. Many sets come with matching pendants or gem embellishments. Alternatively, there are necklaces that come with lockets, so that you can add a special photo inside for both of you.

There are no set rules when it comes to this type of necklace. If you're buying a set together, then you can decide what the best style for you both is. However, if this set is a surprise gift, then it's best taking into account the giftee's tastes.

It can be difficult to buy a necklace set if mom and daughter have very different styles. One person may have to compromise, which can take away the fun and beauty of this gift. For this reason, many people opt to choose necklaces from the same collection, or that have a similarity. Some even purchase personalized or handmade necklaces since they can get a bespoke design that suits everyone's needs.

Whether you're buying a set or not, there are several things to keep in mind:


Do you want sterling silver or gold necklaces? Think about each of your individual styles, and what metal you prefer. If you're a daughter, buying for your mom, and you prefer silver jewelry while she likes gold, maybe you can find a happy medium. Rose gold is the perfect in-between for those who can't decide whether to opt for sterling silver or gold jewelry. Not only this, but it is very feminine and will give your necklaces a unique look.


If you want to step up your mother-daughter necklace gift, then you can personalize it. Personalized necklaces make fantastic presents. Whether it's getting an engraving of your names on the back of a locket, dates of birth, or adding birthstone features, there are many things you can do.

A lot of people like to buy neckpieces that you can add gemstones to, in order to create colorful and unique jewelry. In this way, you can have similar necklaces that have a hint of originality to them.


Another great way to make your gift the best is by commissioning a handmade piece. Although this may be slightly more expensive than buying something from a collection, it's a good way to show your thoughtfulness and care. You can add in extra embellishments, and may even mix together sterling silver and gold elements to create a truly original piece.

If you order a handmade necklace, then you can also order matching mom and daughter rings. Many people find this can add an extra special touch to a gift. If you're buying something for a special occasion like a birthday, then two pieces of jewelry may be better than one.

The Best Mother And Daughter Necklace Designs

When it comes to the design of mother-daughter necklaces, you'll find a lot of options online. There are a lot of matching neckpieces that have pendants with the words 'daughter' and 'mother' written in beautiful calligraphy and made into sterling silver pieces.

If it's your daughter's wedding day and you want to give her a stunning neckpiece, there are many mother-daughter necklaces with love heart embellishments. The love heart motif symbolizes the unbreakable love between the two of you and serves as a reminder that you'll always be there for one another.

Celestial imagery is also popular in this type of jewelry. Moons are the ultimate symbol of femininity, and stars represent strength and good fortune. If you want to gift your mother or daughter with a necklace that fills her with inspiration and the feeling of confidence, astronomically themed pieces are a great way to do so. They have a lot of meaning, but also look great.

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