Rose Gold Necklace for Women

A gold necklace is by far the most popular jewelry choice for women. Made popular at the start of the 20th century, in recent years, rose gold has experienced a surge in popularity, and you can now purchase rose gold necklaces, rings, bracelets, and earrings among many other products.

Not only is rose gold jewelry strong and long-lasting, but its beautiful color makes it a great choice for women. If you can't decide between a silver or gold neckpiece, then a rose gold necklace is a good choice. It adds a touch of color, feminine sophistication, and style to an outfit, and for this reason, women are starting to prefer rose-colored jewelry items over traditional gold ones.

A gold necklace with rose hues is a perfect gift to yourself or a friend, or partner. The romantic blush rose color is warm and rich and will look great when paired with a pair of simple diamond earrings, gold rings, or silver bracelets. Rose gold is one of our favorites at ATOM&MATTER, and thanks to its versatility, it can be worn with almost anything.





Is Rose Gold Real Gold?

A beautiful rose gold necklace will certainly draw attention and compliments from friends. With these compliments may come a few questions such as, 'Is it made of real gold?' Many people question whether or not rose gold is considered real gold due to its pink color. However, it most certainly is real! The only difference is that it contains other metal elements.

Pure 24k gold is the basis for all gold, be it yellow, white, or rose gold. Rose gold is a mix of pure gold and other metals like copper, and silver. A higher amount of copper will affect the yellow gold's hue, as will the karat amount. 14k gold has less gold than 18k. So, the color of rose gold depends on a mixture of factors, but you can rest assured that your rose gold jewelry does contain real gold.

Not only is rose gold jewelry popular because it is in style, but since it is a blend of gold and other metals, it is very strong. This makes it highly resistant to damage, and incredibly long-lasting. So, you don't need to worry about whether your rose gold necklace is made of real gold - it is.

Does Rose Gold Jewelry Fade?

Rose gold jewelry, and in particular, necklaces, are appealing due to their romantic, hushed pink color. Many people buy rose gold jewelry specifically for the color.

Rose gold jewelry does not fade over time. Due to the combination of copper and gold, the reddish tone in your jewelry will always remain. However, like all pieces of jewelry, rose gold can tarnish. This means that they can become dull-looking and dirty.

There are many factors that can cause a rose gold necklace to tarnish, such as too much exposure to chemical-induced water, oils, and perfumes. As well as this, sweat can drastically affect the shine and color of a necklace. It's therefore important to remove it before doing exercise so that its original color stays intact.

Although rose gold jewelry won't fade, if not properly taken care of, the copper metal element in your jewelry will darken. This will give it a deeper red hue, that can actually give it a vintage look. However, if this isn't what you want your necklace to look like, you need to ensure you take proper care of it.

How to Look After Rose Gold Necklaces

Like any necklace, it's important that you look after it to keep it looking as brand new as the day you got it. Luckily there are many things you can do to ensure your necklace never loses its shine and beauty.

Like silver and other gold necklaces, you need to keep rose gold necklaces away from chlorine or other artificial chemicals that can react with the combination of metals, since this can dull their appearance. If you wear a lot of body lotion or perfume, it's best to apply these before putting on your necklace. Allow them to dry, so that they don't react with your gold necklace.

When you're not wearing your necklace, make sure to store it separately from your other jewelry pieces, so that the rose gold does not get scratched. You can also get a special jewelry polisher and clean your rose gold neckpiece with it once a week to ensure that the color stays looking great.

Some rose gold necklaces include a diamond or two since precious stones look great against rose gold jewelry. You should follow the same rules as you would for a necklace without a diamond. Store it in a cool, dry environment, and make sure to properly clean the diamond feature from time to time.

How Much Does a Rose Gold Necklace Cost?

Like all jewelry, the price depends on the karat gold content, the design, current fashion trends, whether there are any gemstones included, and who has designed the piece. It's not unusual to find a necklace in rose gold that comes with a high price tag. This is because rose gold is in style, and contains real gold, making it an excellent material for a necklace.

However, when compared to white or yellow gold necklaces, rose gold is often a cheaper alternative, thanks to the use of copper metal. If you buy a rose gold neckpiece with a diamond, this could affect the cost and make it a lot higher, as can the use of other gems.

If you buy a necklace with a beautiful and intricate design, then it is likely that it will cost more, due to the extra time and effort that has gone into making it. A high price tag can also reflect where the necklaces' materials have been sourced from. At ATOM&MATTER, all of our pieces are made with sustainable materials, and our fair prices show that.

There is a large price range for rose gold jewelry. It's important that you consider all of the above factors when purchasing rose gold necklaces since many different things will affect the cost.

How to Wear A Rose Gold Necklace

When it comes to fashion, everyone has a unique style that represents their personality. Jewelry is the best way to complement finished looks, and necklaces are particularly effective.

If you're a fashion lover who is always looking for new ways to express your personal style, then rose gold necklaces can add a touch of femininity to a casual daytime dress or jeans and tee combo. They can also add a bit of class to elegant evening looks. They're perfect bridal jewelry since their rosy hues create a romantic tone that will look beautiful next to white and cream-colored dresses.

If you have an assortment of jewelry, such as silver bracelets and rings, and diamond earrings, then you can easily wear a rose gold neckpiece with any of these. Rose gold looks great with the colder tones of silver and diamond jewelry since it adds a touch of warmth. It also looks fantastic with blue-colored gemstones and offsets any cool tones created by the blue gems.

Where to Buy Rose Gold Necklaces

All jewelry brands sell rose gold necklaces, and there is a wide array of designs available. It's best to think about what style you want before you start browsing since this will help you to narrow down choices. Are you looking to get something to wear every day, or for a special occasion like a wedding? Do you want an elaborately designed necklace, or something a little more muted and soft? Is a gemstone or diamond feature important?

Whatever the style you want, ATOM&MATTER's new Galaxy Collection features a range of gorgeous rose gold necklaces in a range of simple designs. Our necklaces are made for women and inspired by the astronomical heights we as women achieve when we fully embrace our inner strength and confidence.

Our pieces are subtle enough to be worn as a finishing touch in a daytime outfit, yet beautiful and feminine enough to be paired with an elegant dress. We want women to look and feel incredible in our jewelry, and we are certain that they will in one of our necklaces.

Our necklaces have thin chains and are adorned with small stars and moon-shaped pendants. We make use of diamonds as well, which look fantastic against the rose-colored gold chains. All of our necklaces are made sustainably, since we care about this planet, and want our brand to reflect that.

If you are interested in our necklaces, then please check out our online store, to see some of our favorites. You can purchase items from our latest collection on our site, and get your order sent straight to your door.

Customer service is of utmost importance to use, so we endeavor to ship to worldwide locations so that everything can enjoy our jewelry. However, if you have any inquiries about shipping or your purchase order, please check out our customer service page.