The Meaning Behind A Sun and Moon Necklace

When it comes to celestial-inspired jewelry, moon and star motifs are very popular. Not only do these two symbols look pretty, and create beautiful accessories that can be styled in many ways, but they hold a lot of meaning.

A moon and star necklace can make a fantastic addition to an outfit, and the two symbols worn together look fantastic. Another popular jewelry piece is the sun and moon necklace. The solar symbol is often used in jewelry, but when put with the lunar motif, it creates a striking and beautiful piece of jewelry.

So, if you're thinking of buying a sun and moon necklace, you may be wondering what the significance behind this piece of jewelry is. Both of these symbols have a strong historical and cultural presence that permeates in today's society and has filtered through to the jewelry we wear.

What Does The Sun Represent In Jewelry?

Firstly, the sun represents all life on Earth. Without this powerful star, life as we know it would cease to exist. Many people use solar imagery to represent growth and healing. In fact, in Greek and Roman mythology, the sun was revered as a strong symbol that represented healing powers.

The sun is often thought to be masculine, and this is reflected through the Gods that were associated with it in Ancient times. The Roman God Apollo symbolized the sun, while his twin sister Artemis was linked to the feminine moon.

In Chinese culture, the sun represents masculine yang which symbolizes growth, brightness, vitality, and positivity. However, this doesn't mean that the solar motif can't be used on feminine jewelry pieces. In actual fact, it's a popular addition on many elegant styles. It's common to find gold plated necklaces in this style, since the color of this material represents the warmth of the sun.

Overall, solar imagery in jewelry symbolizes a positive attitude towards life. It can make a great gift for someone you love or for yourself. A piece of jewelry with a sun symbol will provide you with positive inspiration and a bright disposition when you're in need of a little pick me up.

What Does A Sun And Moon Necklace Represent?

Since the sun is a reflection of growth and light, it's interesting to see this motif mixed together with the moon in different pieces of jewelry. The moon is well-known as being a symbol of femininity, new life, and knowledge. In Greek and Roman mythology, the moon was considered to be the sun's opposite, and this rings true today.

If the sun represents yang in Chinese culture, then the moon represents yin. Unlike the bright sun, the moon is a symbol of change and thoughtfulness. The sun and moon together are supposed to balance one another out, and bring a sense of equilibrium to the world. This idea of balance is reflected in today's society and how we often refer to romantic couples as 'yin and yang'. It shows that opposites can attract, and actually be beneficial to one another.

Since the sun and moon have been constantly paired together since the beginning of time, it makes sense that their relationship is still pondered upon today. Our fascination with these two celestial symbols is reflected in the necklaces we wear.

A sun and moon necklace usually reflects balance, wisdom and growth. We can't have one without the other and a necklace with these two motifs reminds us of this fact. It also reminds us of our own personal feelings and thoughts, and how we need to ensure we are balanced in all areas of our lives.

There's a lot of meaning that comes from a sun moon necklace. It's important to remember that interpretation is up to the wearer. You can decipher the meaning of your necklace as you see fit.

How To Style Sun And Moon Necklaces

If you're set on purchasing a necklace with these two symbols, then it's best to think about how you'll style it. There are no limitations when it comes to jewelry, and you can mix and match pieces as you like, in order to reflect your personal style and tastes.

It's common to find gold plated sun jewelry, since gold has always been associated with this large star. However, sun and moon jewelry can look fantastic in both silver and gold. The color of your necklace depends on your taste, as does whether you buy a piece with a pearl, diamond, or gemstone feature set into it.

Many people like to buy a moon necklace and a sun necklace separately and then layer them. You can get each necklace in a different length, and then wear them at the same time, perhaps with other complimentary pieces. It's possible to then add to or remove a necklace depending on your outfit.

Sun and moon necklaces come in a range of styles, so that you can choose a piece that suits you best. If you want a simple addition to an elegant nighttime look, then a silver necklace is a great choice. Likewise, a larger statement piece can make your outfit look more eyecatching and bolder.

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