Woman's Moon Necklace

A beautiful necklace can be the difference between an outfit looking good and an outfit looking incredible. Jewelry isn't just an accessory. We believe that every woman's jewelry box should consist of stand-out pieces that will look good with any outfit. Whether your go-to style it feminine chic or bohemian casual, good necklaces, ring, and bracelets should be wearable with any outfit option.

At ATOM&MATTER we have designed our jewelry with all of the above in mind. We want women to use our pieces in their daily life regardless of how they are dressed. Our pieces make great finishing touches to party looks, office outfits, and casual daytime clothes.

Our brand was created to instill confidence in women and encourage them to chase their goals. We create our collections to reflect and to celebrate women and their achievements. For us, what a woman wears is important since it reflects her inner thoughts, feelings, and goals. Our new Galaxy Collection aims to show that, and we want women to feel better than ever in our pieces.





Our new women's necklaces are full of celestial-themed embellishments to represent the achievements women have made, are making, and will continue to make. We have pieces in gold varieties and sterling silver, to suit the personal style of every woman. Each necklace will add some extra sparkle to your everyday looks.

In particular, our moon necklaces, from the Galaxy Collection, are best sellers, thanks to their sleek and beautiful designs. Necklaces with moon designs may not sound like your typical accessory, but our pieces are simply divine and will add a beautiful finishing touch to any outfit.

The Meaning Behind The Moon Sign

Since our jewelry is made for strong women, what better symbol for our Galaxy Collection than the moon itself? The moon is a sign of femininity and throughout history has been worshipped and linked to feminine action, feelings, and thoughts. Its image has been used in jewelry for a long time.

Not only is the moon the ultimate celestial representation of feminine power, but it also symbolizes enlightenment, inner strength, and knowledge. All females have these three traits innately within them, but for some, it may be hard for them to see themselves in that way. It's time to change that.

Our goal with all of our jewelry is to empower women. With the Galaxy Collection, we want women to feel better about themselves and be aware of their strengths, power, and ability to do anything. The beautiful motifs and symbols in our jewelry are therefore a reflection of this and should inspire women when they put them on.

We use both a full moon and crescent moon shape in our jewelry. Both of these have a different symbolic meaning, with the crescent moon representing growth and change, and the full moon representing understanding, full awareness, and maturity. As women change and grow, they become more open-minded and aware of themselves and the world around them. Our jewelry represents this growth.

Some of our most impressive items in the Galaxy Collection are our necklaces that are embellished with moon symbols. These beautiful pieces will add feminine strength to your outfits.

ATOM&MATTER Gold Moon Necklace

We have several stunning necklaces on sale and one of our featured items is the Gold Moon Necklace from our new Galaxy Collection. This necklace is one of our best sellers and is available at a reasonable price. If you want to add a striking piece of jewelry to your outfit then this eye-catching necklace will definitely help you to do so.

This gold necklace is made from a sustainable material and features a moon-shaped pendant on a delicate and elegant looking chain. The size of the round moon pendant helps it to really stand out against the thin chain and this piece will look great with both casual and elegant looks.

The beautiful gold color is warm and will pop against all skin tones. There are two designs available with this necklace. One features a single star cut out in the middle of the moon, and the other features three smaller sized star cutouts. The addition of these interesting cutouts creates a unique and one-of-a-kind design that you'll only find with our pieces.

The blended use of the star cut out on the moon-shaped pendant creates a powerful effect. Both of these celestial motifs are inspiring and represent beauty, strength, and the ability to achieve great things. That's why merging the two together creates a piece, that isn't only beautiful to look at, but that also has a strong and inspiring meaning behind it.

If you want to get noticed, then this exquisite necklace will add a superb finishing touch to your outfit.

ATOM&MATTER Crescent Moon Necklace

Another one of the best sellers on our online store is the special Crescent Moon Necklace. This beautiful piece is popular for several reasons. Like the Gold Moon Necklace, this piece features an incredibly thin and delicate chain that will be barely visible against your neck, only offering a faint glimmer when the chain catches the light.

The subtlety of the necklace's chain allows the crescent-shaped pendant to be the focal point of the necklace. The defined and curved shape reflects personal growth and change. When you put this piece on around your neck, you should feel inspired to learn, reflect, and grow in confidence.

Featured on this necklace are three small star-shapes, each one filled with a small diamond. The use of not just one diamond, but three, adds extra sparkle and elegance to this necklace. The beautiful diamond feature will catch the light in gorgeous ways and ensure that your necklace is noticed. You'll be able to see this necklace from afar thanks to the glimmer that each diamond will exude.

The smooth gold color also looks great against the silver shine of each diamond. If you like to add a pop of color to your jewelry but still keep it looking elegant, then this necklace is a great choice. The gemstone features ensure that the necklace is eye-catching yet not garish.

For beautiful simplicity, buy our Crescent Moon Necklace from the Galaxy Collection. A timeless piece that will look great with any outfit in any setting.

ATOM&MATTER Locket Moon Necklace

We can't discuss our range of necklaces with moons without mentioning the locket necklace. Our Galaxy Collection features a range of new 'locket-style' necklaces. A planetary-inspired twist on the normal locket shape, our necklaces have planet shaped lockets that open.

These necklaces are breathtaking for several reasons. First, the shape is incredibly unique and is designed to look like a planet. The round ball is made from gold and has etchings of the crescent moon and stars on it. These are subtly added to the ball, and create a special looking neckpiece that will definitely draw approval from admirers.

If your style is individualist yet still trendy this is a great accessory. It can be paired with a tee and mom jeans, or a cute summer dress. It will even look good with elegant wear, and if you want something truly special for your wedding day then you can wear this locket and put something small inside of it.

This necklace won't only add style and substance to your outfit. The unique design reminds us of our capabilities as women. The round, planet-like shape, is there to remind us of our all-encompassing abilities, that are great and plentiful. It also acts as a reminder that we should take care of ourselves, and make sure that we are at the center of our own universe.

All in all, this very special design is for those women who want a daily reminder of how incredible they are. Put this necklace on and allow yourself to feel confident and loved.

The Galaxy Collection - Great Gifts For All Women

Buying the important women in your life a gift can be tricky. How can you express your love for your best friend, mom, sister, or girlfriend? It can feel as though there isn't a gift that's good enough to do that.

With our new Galaxy Collection, we've got all of your gift needs covered. From birthdays, and Christmas to graduation and anniversary gifts, our jewelry is the perfect way to show someone that you care about them.

We have a wide range of pieces available from rings to necklaces. If you're looking for sterling silver or gold, we have an assortment of pieces in both of these varieties. For something extra feminine and elegant, we even sell rose gold necklaces that have an extra bit of color.

Our moon necklace options are an obvious choice if you want to give someone a present. All of the necklaces featured on this list are made from a sustainable material and are designed for women, with women in mind. If you want to invest in a piece of jewelry that is beautiful but also represents the strength, drive, and confidence of yourself or the woman you are buying it for, ATOM&MATTER necklaces are a clear choice.


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