Women's Gold Necklace

A good necklace should be made from a strong metal material, and unsurprisingly, the most in-demand metal and color for women's necklaces is gold. Gold jewelry is popular because it looks classically elegant on everyone. As well as this, gold is incredibly durable, making gold jewelry a great investment since it will last you a lifetime.

ATOM&MATTER's new Galaxy Collection includes 14k gold necklaces that come in various celestial-themed designs, created to inspire women to believe in themselves and achieve their dreams. Our necklaces have been carefully designed to provide women with neckpieces that are lightweight yet incredibly stylish. We want all women to feel beautiful when they wear our gold jewelry.





Where to Buy Gold Necklaces

All great jewelry companies sell gold jewelry, but it's important that you shop around for the best quality and price. High-quality gold necklaces are durable and resistant to scratches or breaking. This is because gold is very strong and resistant to damage.

Gold is also extremely water-resistant, meaning that water is unlikely to make it rust or cause a reaction with your skin. This means you can wear gold jewelry in the shower, and not worry about any potential side-effects.

ATOM&MATTER has created a range of strong, 14k gold-toned necklaces, all of which are long-lasting. Our 14k gold necklaces are more durable and scratch-resistant than their 18k equivalents since they are comprised of around 60% and 40% other metals. This makes 14k gold a lot more affordable than other gold jewelry.

There are different types of gold-colored necklaces on the market, including rose gold, white gold, and yellow gold. Our necklaces come in various designs, in an assortment of different gold tones. We have beautiful rose gold necklaces, as well as necklaces that are embellished with moon and star pendants. Some of our necklaces also feature a white diamond, which adds a subtle hint of sparkle.

All of our necklaces come with an ultra-thin gold chain. They are great for women who like simple neck jewelry that is long-lasting, simple, and looks great with both daytime and nighttime outfits.

How Much Does a Gold Necklace Cost?

Gold is a luxurious material, used in the finest pieces of jewelry. The cost of a gold necklace will vary depending on the size, style, and karat weight. Since 14k gold necklaces are the most popular option on the market, ours are fairly priced, to reflect the craftsmanship and quality of materials used to create them.

The use of white, yellow, or rose gold can affect the price of a neckpiece, as can the use of a diamond or another rare gem. A personalized gold piece of jewelry can also be more expensive depending on its uniqueness or exclusivity. Where you buy your necklace from will also affect its price, since more popular brands can charge extra.

ATOM&MATTER is one of the first sustainable jewelry brands to make use of ethically sourced materials and each necklace is made from sustainable gold. Our prices mirror this fact, and when you buy something from us you can feel pleased with the fact that you are making an ethical purchase.

ATOM&MATTER Gold Necklaces

Our pieces are not limited to one gold color. Instead, we sell a range of different gold-colored neckpieces, in yellow, white, and rose gold tones. Our beautiful gold neckpieces come in a range of designs. We have beautiful chains adorned with small gold stars, or with crescent moon shaped pendants.

ATOM&MATTER jewelry is not just designed to look good. Our pieces are made to inspire confidence and self-belief within women. When you buy our jewelry, you are becoming part of a community of women who want to lift one another up, and use fashion and accessories as a way to demonstrate that.

Our new collection is available now, in our online shop, so you can see the various pieces we have on sale. Check out our online store to find the perfect piece of gold jewelry for you.