Women's Necklace

Necklaces are a must-have jewelry piece and a wonderful way to express your style and personality. They make great gifts for friends, or for yourself. Simple, yet strong, ATOM&MATTER's beautiful necklaces are designed to reflect a woman's inner strength and encourage confidence within all females.

Our new Galaxy collection features celestial-inspired items that are made for women who bring light to the world. Our intricately designed necklaces are made with beautiful materials and will inspire you to chase after your dreams, no matter how far away they seem.





The story behind our necklaces

Bethany Mota created ATOM&MATTER to provide women with jewelry that will not only make females look great, but will encourage them to feel amazing too. We want women to feel confident within themselves and wear jewelry and accessories that represent their style while inspiring self-love and admiration within themselves.

We combine material and color to make high-quality necklaces that are designed to be long-lasting. The materials in our necklaces are sustainable and we are one of the first global jewelry brands to focus on sustainability. Our goal is to promote sustainable lifestyles and create accessories that inspire our customers to shop more consciously.

We care about the planet and believe that everyone should shop responsibly. Our jewelry is a sign that sustainable jewelry can come at an affordable price which everyone can afford. More importantly, we believe that sustainability and fashion can go hand in hand, and we want our collections to reflect that fact.

We truly believe that women can change the world. We want our collection to influence a generation of women, and help them to see that they are multi-talented, and can do anything that they put their mind to.

What makes ATOM&MATTER necklaces unique?

Our necklaces are created using the finest sustainable materials, and we use strong metals, such as gold and silver in our pieces. We also make have diamond pieces, for those who love gems and color. Our necklaces are a metaphor for women; although they may have a delicate exterior, they are strong and durable.

Women's jewelry can often be one dimensional and uninspiring, and not reflect the true strength of our gender. We want to change that. We have a range of unique and intricate styles available, ensuring that every woman can find something she loves at a reasonable price.

Our new online store features designs consisting of moon and star-shaped pendants, reflecting the astronomical heights we as females, aspire to reach. All of our necklaces have very thin, yet strong, chains. This ensures that the pendants on our necklaces appear as though they are floating on top of the skin.

If you are looking for a necklace with a splash of color, then you've come to the right place. Color is important in jewelry and our pieces feature a variety of muted tones like blue, white, black, and brown. We have other pieces in gold shades, such as yellow gold, and rose gold, as well as beautiful silver designs. We've created our necklaces in such a way so that when light hits them, they will shine and look great against your skin.

We also have necklaces for those who love a beautiful gemstone embellishment. We have plenty of designs that feature a diamond or valuable stone, adding some extra beauty and color to our pieces.

A gift for a friend or yourself

Our collections include many featured items that you and your friends are sure to love. An ATOM&MATTER necklace will make a great gift, either for a friend or as a treat for yourself.

Whatever your style preference and price range, we have something for you. Whether you want a piece for the office, or when you go out with friends, or even for your wedding day, we are sure that one of our women's necklaces will be perfect.

Search our online store to find an array of necklaces, in various gold and silver designs. When you shop through our site, you can get free shipping on featured items from our collections. We want every customer to have a great experience shopping on with us. If you have any queries, please check out our customer service page.