Women's Silver Necklace

A silver necklace adds a simple touch of elegance and shine to every outfit. Silver necklaces are beautiful and look great against all skin tones and on every woman. They are versatile and can be worn in all seasons, and with different wardrobe pieces. As well as this, silver is an incredibly strong material, making silver necklaces long-lasting pieces of jewelry, that will remain a staple item in your jewelry box.

If you are looking for a high-quality silver or sterling silver women's necklace that comes at a reasonable price, we have a range of designs at ATOM&MATTER that will suit your tastes and needs. Our silver necklaces are made from sustainable metals, ensuring that we provide our customers with ethical fashion choices.

When you buy a silver necklace it's vital to know a little bit about this piece of jewelry beforehand. From the average cost to the best necklace to buy, it's important that you do some research before investing in a silver necklace.





How Much is a Real Silver Chain?

There are many things that impact the cost of silver chains. The price of real silver, the necklace design, and the manufacturing process will all affect the price. One of a kind, handmade necklaces are often more expensive than mass-produced pieces, simply due to the time and effort that goes into creating them.

The source of materials will also greatly alter the price of a silver chain. Sustainably sourced silver is more expensive to procure, and jewelry companies who employ sustainable materials to make their pieces demonstrate this in their products' price tags.

A silver chain necklace on its own will usually cost less than one that has extra embellishments, like diamonds or gemstones. A good-quality silver chain should not be too inexpensive. Silver is considered a valuable material, so if you find a chain that is extremely cheap, it's best to forget about it since it's most likely not made of real silver.

Our collection of necklaces at ATOM&MATTER includes a variety of price ranges, to suit everyone's different budgets. We use first-class silver materials that guarantee your necklace will not rust or break easily.

Is it OK to Shower Wearing a Silver Necklace?

It's easy to forget to take off a piece of jewelry before you step into the shower. We've all been there before! If you buy a necklace made of real silver, then occasionally wearing it in the shower should not affect its overall quality and look. However, there are a few things that will affect the condition of your necklace.

If you constantly expose your necklace to water, this will affect the appearance of the silver. You should always make sure you dry your necklace completely if it gets wet so that if there are any chemicals in the water, they don't react with the silver material.

Although wearing your necklace in the shower is not too much of an issue, wearing it in the pool is a big no-no. Chlorine is a harsh chemical, that can tarnish silver. The same goes for hot tubs since they also contain chlorine. The heat of the water will only speed up the chemical reaction caused by the chlorine, which is something you definitely want to avoid.

So, what about sterling silver? Although sterling silver is considered to be stronger than pure silver, it can still get damaged from too much exposure to shower water, and water that is full of chemicals. Over time, sterling silver will start to look dull, and lose its shine.

It's very important to remove silver necklaces before showering or going near pools of water in general. This will help you to avoid your necklace looking lackluster.

Is Sterling Silver Real Silver?

Many stores sell sterling silver jewelry, and the difference between silver and sterling silver can be confusing to people. Whereas silver necklaces are made of 99.9% pure silver, sterling silver is usually formed with another metal like copper or zinc, to make it harder and longer-lasting. Sterling silver usually contains around 90% silver.

For this reason, sterling silver necklaces are often cheaper than pure silver alternatives. However, they are just as beautiful and are in fact, more durable than their silver counterparts. This is why many jewelry brands choose to create sterling silver necklaces since they are often more popular with customers.

Regardless of whether you purchase a real silver or sterling silver necklace, you'll have a necklace that will shine against your skin. Sterling silver does not glimmer less than pure silver necklaces, making it a great option.

What Is The Best Silver Necklace to Buy?

There are many necklaces on the market, all with different designs. A lot make use of diamonds or blue gemstones to add a touch of color and sparkle. Some brands create necklaces with eye-catching ornamental pendants that will draw attention from passersby on the street. Other brands prefer to sell simple yet elegant necklaces, that complement outfits.

For some, the best silver neckpieces are sterling silver necklaces, since these are more durable. For others, it's important that ethically sourced materials are used in their jewelry. There are many necklace options out there, so it's up to you to do some research to find out what the best silver necklace for you is.

If you are looking for a necklace that is made from the finest, sustainable silver, and that has a special yet subtle design, you'll love our pieces at ATOM&MATTER. Our celestial-themed necklaces consist of beautiful star and moon pendants, that reflect the heights we believe women can reach.

We make jewelry that reflects the strength and inner confidence of women. Our goal is for every woman to feel empowered and gorgeous when she wears one of our pieces.

If you're interested in purchasing one of our necklaces, then take a look at our online shop, which features new items from our most recent collection. We hope you love our jewelry as much as we do.